Object is a curated spotlight on the diverse collecting and decorating fields of antiques, furniture and design. The pieces presented in Object have been selected by the newly minted creative triumvirate of David Cook, art consultant, gallerist and former specialist of Christie’s Australia; Michael Reid, art gallery director and past specialist with Christie’s in London & Australia; and a third partner, a tastemaker with a deep passion for, and knowledge of, the decorative arts. The identity of our third partner, will be announced shortly.

Object presents an opportunity for those who are interested in the applied arts, furniture and design to experience and acquire unusual, beautiful, significant and practical pieces for their homes.

Object is populated with inherently interesting & valuable decorative artworks which have stood the test of time. Objects that bear the marks and carry the patina of many lives. Objects with a story to tell that will become part of your history. Art is within each object, of itself.

Items presented on Object are not mass-produced and flat-packed – they are not replicated into the homes of millions. Object is about finding the individual, the important and the timeless.

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