Oceanic Arts Specialist and Collector Nicola Townsend shares her joy of collecting art from the region.

“Oceanic objects have always drawn me in. The colour and design, inherently to be found within the material culture of Pacific peoples, makes me smile. Their world view confronts my way more urban life. Living with Oceanic artworks has over the years, changed my view of the world. 

Collector Chris Boylan introduced me to Oceanic art via a mutual friend. Every time I visited Chris I became bewitched by the objects that filled his space. Often it would be a Baba Mask, curious and colourful with crazy adornments. Goggly eyes, cassowary feathers askew. And then, visual delights aside, you delve into the historical and cultural context of these completely beguiling objects. Bringing them home and placing them alongside a piece of contemporary sculpture or painting seems to enrich both. We have a Papua New Guinean fertility figure that sits bemusing between a Noel McKenna and a Marc Etherington painting and looks completely at home. A dog tooth pectoral sits alongside a Linda Marrinon sculpture of a woman from another age. Both resonate timelessness. It is this layering of art with objects that enriches a home, providing endless stimulation to those within its orbit”.

Nicola Townsend

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