Handcoloured Paper Globe and 15 lithographic plates, circa 1820, circa 1820

circa 1820
handcoloured paper and lithographic plates
six gores each 17 x 6.5 cm
fifteen plates each 9.7 x 13 cm

Ref: 3906192

A splendid early nineteenth-century German handcoloured paper globe, here offered complete with the original publisher’s ensemble containing a folding suite of 15 plates depicting native peoples of the earth and other educational aids. Two of the plates depict Australian Aboriginal subjects. The globe and its accompaniments are a fine example of late enlightenment publishing for the benefit of children. The publisher Schutz states his plan for a novel educational aid ‘to facilitate the introduction and use of geographic education in schools about the nature and classification of the earth’.

The paper globe is significant for the information that accompanies it, especially the suite of 15 folding plates illustrating the peoples of the world. Geographers and ethnologists of the early nineteenth-century were fascinated by the relationship between race, climate and environment. In this wonderful package Schutz presents the regions of the earth as a paper globe alongside skilfully lithographed depictions of its peoples. In this way geographical space is linked to costumes and appearances in a manner comprehensible for children. Two of the plates depict Australian Aborigines, one from Van Diemen’s Land and the other from New Holland (specifically, Western Australia), who is curiously illustrated with a bow and arrow. The Pacific Islands are represented by a Tahitian warrior in a tapa wrap brandishing an axe.

In addition to the paper globe and folding plates, the folding case contains a loose handcoloured engraved card sheet with several diagrams explaining the orbit and poles of the earth. The card is printed on both sides and includes delicate engravings of the sun’s orbit and the relationship between the tilt of the earth and her seasons. The card is attached to a printed letterpress sheet elucidating the diagrams in further detail.

A folding flap protecting the ethnological portraits features a further fine lithographic plate titled “Künstlicher erd Globus” (reproduction earth globe). This lithograph is a humorous composite, featuring amongst other figures an Ottoman maiden reclining on a divan facing an African beauty flanked by a lion and a crocodile. Paper children’s globes are rare by their very nature, and this example preserved in its complete, original condition is an unusual survival. Another example recently seen was in a marbled paper binding and differed from this in that the 15 ethnographic plates were in black and white whereas in the present example they are in bright colouring.

Condition: In fine condition.


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