Seeing Double

Ever feel like you’re Seeing Double? The OBJECTS we love to place in our homes today are much like those we did in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. The trailblazers of these monumental decades still influence interior design today. In ode to timeless design, this month’s curation we celebrate all things vintage.

Modernity- the child of war and social change. Periods of hardship in history have led to incredible leaps forward in design. Many of the designs we are still attractive to today can be traced back to pioneers decades ago.  Seeing Double presents trendsetters of the 60s, avant-gardes of the 70s and the uber-cool 80s through a concoction of objects that have unembellished hard edges, natural forms reinterpreted, clean surfaces and glassy transparency.

  • Boda Decanter By Erik Höglund, 1970s

    28 × 15 cm


  • Set Of 1960s Glasses with Peacocks and Gold Detailing, 1960s

    14 cm


  • Pair of Square Decanter Jugs, 20th Century

    21 × 10 cm


  • Italian Venetian Glass Teardrop Vase, c. 1960

    31 × 18 cm


  • Seeing Double VI

  • 1960s Style Green Glasses and Jug Set

    23 × 14 cm


  • An Australian Ornamental Coachwood Pear By J Arends, 1997

    11 cm


  • Seeing Double V

  • 1950s Silver Mounted Dorothy Thorpe Martini Making Vessels


  • Christofle Silver Plated Squirrel Nut Dish, designed by Antoinette de Ribes

    11 × 10 cm


  • Blue Glass Obelisk Thermometer, c. 1980

    13 × 5 cm


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